Governance and Management

Governance and Management Gateway

Governance and management play a crucial role in steering our university toward continuous excellence. This webpage serves as a portal for information, insights, and updates related to the governance structure, leadership teams, and strategic initiatives that shape our academic journey.

The Council governs the University in terms of section 27 of the Act and University Statute, and subject to the principles of good corporate governance.  The Council is responsible for governance and policymaking at the University, as well as for monitoring compliance therewith.

The Senate is accountable to the Council for all the academic and research functions within the University and all other functions delegated or assigned to it by the Council. Composition, powers and functions of Senate are subject to the Act.

The Institutional Forum as contemplated in section 31(1) of the Act. The Institutional Forum is an advisory body established in terms of section 31 of the Act and advises the Council on:

Convocation is known as the convocation of the Vaal University of Technology, hereafter referred to as the Convocation. The Convocation is recognized by the Council as a structure of the University in terms of Chapter 9 of the Vaal University of Technology Statute.

The SRC represents all students within the University. The SRC is not a legal entity separate from the University. The SRC functions in terms of a Constitution approved by the Council as a set of Rules, which determines the manner of election, the term of office, the functions and the privileges of the SRC.