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The Department of Internationalisation (DoI) is responsible for the Internationalisation of the VUT.  Our Internationalisation policy is an enabling tool that supports and commits to Internationalisation as an essential element of quality higher education, research and innovation.  The VUT is committed to participating in establishing collaborative links with international institutions of higher learning and other bodies to increase teaching and research exchange programmes and projects that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and innovation.

We also aim to promote and facilitate all facets of Internationalisation and the development of the university in all spheres. The DoI is a port of call for all international students and visitors. It provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to, responding to general enquiries from prospective students, student life, cultural integration and immigration clearance.

Our contribution towards the growth of the University includes:

– Growing VUT’s global profile through staff and student exchanges

– Benchmarking continental needs and global standards

– Enhancing the integration of the global and local for mutual benefit

– Providing specialist services to all international students and applicants

– Developing and promoting the concept of Internationalisation.

   University Partners

Africa 18
Europe 20
Asia 5
North America 4
South America 2

Key Stakeholder


The Department of Internationalisation has key partner such as:

– International Educational Association of South Africa (IEASA)

– The Southern African – Nordic Centre (SANORD)

– Eastern European Education Association (EEUA)

– African Network for Internationalisation of Education (ANIE)

– Department of Home Affairs (DHA)

– Department of Higher Education (DHE)

– National Research Foundation (NRF)

– DAAD: German Academic Exchange Services

– Erasmus Mundus & Erasmus +

– Embassies and High Commissions’

   University Partners

Africa 18
Europe 20
Asia 5
North America 4
South America 2

   Key Activities

International Students Orientation Programme (ISOP)


This programme is designed to help international students with the transition from their country of origin into the new culture and lifestyle of South Africa.  The main objectives of ISOP are to:

      • To help students adjust to the new educational environment and demands
      • To provide interesting, stimulating, rewarding and practical information to help the students prepare themselves for the tasks and challenges that they might encounter
      • To teach students how to handle other aspects of their lives that may affect their academic success
      • To help students how to identify, find and use facilities and services of the university and surrounding environment
      • To provide a setting in which students can develop interpersonal relationships with others
      • To assist students through their cultural adjustment and enable them to share their own cultures and experiences with other students
      • To encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities to enhance their physical and social wellbeing, leadership abilities and other talents.

Intercultural Day

The objectives of the International Cultural Day are to encourage social cohesion, cultural understanding, tolerance and unity.  Students are grouped per their country of origin and given a budget to prepare their country’s cuisine of choice.  The main activities for this important day in our university calendar are:

    • Poetry
    • Cuisine (traditional)
    • Traditional Dances
    • Traditional attire and heritage

DoI, through its mandate to drive the Internationalisation strategy of the university, is to encourage interaction and harmony amongst staff and students.  The expected outcomes for Intercultural Day is that participating students/groups will exploit this one-stop and rare opportunity to interact with the VUT community regarding their cultural diversity and offerings as well as act as ambassadors for their respective countries.

International Information Day


The objective of the International Information Day is to bring a wide range of partners, both national and international, to provide the VUT staff and students with highly relevant information and opportunities on:

    • Scholarships
    • Placements and internships
    • Exchange programmes
    • Social, economic, legal and recreational services (e.g. banking, sports, policing, immigration, health, societies, tourism, etc.)

The International Information Day is a foundation and stepping stone to new and existing collaborative activities that the university has with international, public, social and private institutions.  Above all, it plays a significant role in preparing students for their lives and future careers.

First Year Excursion

The First Year Excursion is a whole day event just after the ISOP, which is organized by DoI for all new international students.  The objective of e event is to familiarize the new international students with the touristic attractions of the Vaal Region and the Gauteng precinct.  The students get to visit, among others, the Sharpeville Memorial in Sharpeville, the Nelson Mandela House and the Hector Peterson Memorial, both in Soweto.


   Courses, Financial and Scholarships


Prospective students can obtain our programme offerings in the link below


International Students note that they will be paying 100% upfront including Residences.  The costs indicated in the link below are estimates and are for guideline purposes only. A student can obtain the fees quotation before registration as well as get the actual fees from their statement of accounts upon registration.


Scholarships for national and international students are posted on a monthly bases on


VUT offers residence accommodation to students, the application form is obtainable at

   Important Documentation for Registration

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Senior Administrator: Internationalisation

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Ms. Delsile Mabuza

Administrator & Registrations Officer: Internationalisation

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Administrator & Registrations Officer: Internationalisation

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