Advancement Department

Marketing and Communication Department

Our Role:

Enhancing and upholding the brand image of the institution through integrated marketing and communication. All activities linked to the aforementioned, are coordinated by the Advancement team.

Our Vision:

 To profile and market the Vaal University of Technology as an African university that leads in quality teaching and learning informed by research and driven by innovation and technology.

Our Mission:

To enhance and uphold the brand image of the institution through integrated marketing and communication:

  • Meaningful Partnerships
  • Marketing and Public Relations Initiatives
  • Media of Communications
  • Alumni Relations Initiatives
  • Community Engagement
  • Brand Touch Points


Our Motto:

Strive for Excellence

Our Values:

The act of successfully introducing new ideas.  Change that inspires and creates a new dimension of performance, resulting in improved products and services.


To maintain the highest level of ethics, fairness and transparency in our communication and interaction with all stakeholders.


Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.  Two-way communication creates and increases participation of all stakeholders in the working environment and builds a sound relationship with the public.

Excellent Customer Service

Responding promptly to queries from all media platforms.

Providing adequate information through all media platforms.

Adhering to professional telephone etiquette.

Professional conduct and demeanor towards stakeholders.

Promoting two-way communication with stakeholders.