The Fashion course offers a practical as well as academic program, which aims to prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully meet the demands of the fashion business sector. The program is designed to move rapidly from closely supervised and structured teaching and learning toward independent problem solving and learning. On completion of the program modules the student should be able to conceptualise original ideas using manual, as well as technological techniques in order to develop his/her own style. 

Programme coordinators’ details

Ms Le-Nika Strydom
Room: M205

Le-nika is a full-time lecturer within the Fashion section of Visual Arts and Design and has always loved expressing herself and her creativity through clothing. She currently lectures Textiles, Fashion Design 1 as well as Fashion Accessories & Design 1 and 2. Her research interests lie in the area of skills development within peri-urban communities.

Ms. Le-nika Strydom
Lecturer and Programme Coordinator (Fashion)

Mr. Arrie van Wyk
Room: M206

Arrie is a full time lecturer for Fashion Design in die Department of Visual Arts & Design:
Teaching activities: Arrie teaches at 1st, 2nd & 3rd year levels for the Diploma Fashion Design, which is a three-year full time course offered by the Department Visual Arts & Design in the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Vaal University of Technology.
Research interests: Fashion Entrepreneurship here.
Supervision interests: Co-supervisor for a MTECH: Fashion Design student
Community engagement: Engaged in the Department’s community project
Creative projects: Oil and Watercolour paintings as well as Contè & mixed medium drawings.

Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again” Richard Branson. After 37 years of teaching, this is still my motto.

Mr. Arrie van Wyk
Lecturer (Fashion)

Ms Ilani Wilken
Room: M202

Ms Ilani Wilken is an avid follower of fashion on social media platforms. She enjoys using these platforms to find inspiration as well as to conduct research regarding innovative and creative techniques to apply during her classes.
Teaching activities: Ilani Wilken has been lecturing for 30 years in the fashion department. Her specialty is Garment Construction and Pattern Engineering. She has a passion for dressing people, especially for special events like weddings or matric farewells.
Research interests: Her research interests lay within various aspects related to the field of fashion, but more specifically, she expresses and interest in fashion SMME development.
Supervision interests: Ilani serves as co-supervisor to MTech students completing their degree in Fashion. Her focus area includes small business development within the fashion industry.
Community engagement: She enjoys being part of the departmental community outreaches.
Creative projects: Ilani is very creative and enjoys sewing in her free time. As she loves a challenge, she thoroughly enjoys competing in sewing-related competitions.

Ms. Ilani Wilken
Lecturer (Fashion)

Mrs Matseliso Rapita
Room: M101

Teaching Activities
I am a skilled and effective Fashion Design Lecturer at Vaal University of Technology in South Africa, with considerable knowledge of Garment and pattern construction, business practices especially in fashion and Textiles design I am a dynamic team-spirited individual who enjoys the challenge of busy, demanding work environment.
Research Interests: Publications
1. Perceived success of entrepreneurs in the Vaal region of South Africa with special reference to fashion entrepreneurs. Mediterranean Journal of Social Science Vol.5, No.1, January 2014.
2. The impact of fashion entrepreneurs’ traits on the success of the fashion businesses in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Mediterranean Journal of Social Science Volume 5, No. 3, March 2014.

Creative projects
Matseliso Alphoncina Rapita is a Fashion Design lecturer at Vaal University of Technology with more than five years lecturing. She holds MTech Fashion qualification and Post graduate Diploma in Higher Education both from Vaal University of Technology. She specialises in lecturing Garment Construction, Business of Fashion as well Fashion Entrepreneurship Research. Moreover, she is a First-year coordinator for the Fashion section at VUT.

She has published two scholarly articles available online.

Ms. Matseliso Rapita
Lecturer (Fashion)

Ms Charlene van Schalkwyk
Room: M101/102/103

Qualifications: N.Dip Fashion / B-Tech Fashion / Masters Consumer Sciences (M.cons)
Ms Charlene van Schalkwyk always displayed a keen interest in fashion. This interest was further developed when she enrolled for the Fashion course at VUT. During her B-Tech year, her interest was once again captured as she was introduced to Research Methodology and Academic Writing. Her interest regarding academics and research grew, and lead to the completion of a Masters Degree in Consumer Sciences. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Consumer Science.

Teaching activities:
Charlene will be lecturing Construction (1st year), Fashion Design (2nd and 3rd year), Fashion Business (3rd year), and shared subjects such as Fashion Portfolio.

Ms Charlene van Schalkwyk
Lecturer (Fashion)

Mrs M.Mabatho Shibambo
Room: M203

Ms. Mmabatho Shibambo
Technician (Fashion)

Ms Keshni Nana

Ms Keshni Nana is a creative academic who is also a VUT alumni. She strives for the successful transfer of knowledge within the educational domain.

Teaching activities: Keshni has been lecturing for four years. She is currently teaching Fashion Theory 1, 2 and 3, as well as Fashion Theory and Construction to the Post Graduate Diplomas.
Research interests: Keshni has multiple research interests, mainly on SMME development within under privileged areas of the country and advancements in supporting 4IR.

Ms Keshni Nana
Lecturer (Fashion)