Social Justice and Transformation


To ensure Transformation at the University and respond to national transformative imperatives, and thereby ensuring an environment which promotes and adheres to the principles of Social Justice.


To institutionalise social justice and transformation at all levels of the institution.


VUT Values Social Justice and Transformation Values
Excellence. Dignity.
Creativity. Equity.
Mutual Respect. Equality.
Collegiality. Integrity.
Honesty and Integrity. Respect.
Tolerance. Diversity.

Strategic Objectives:

VUT Strategic Objectives SJT Strategic Objectives
To optimise teaching and learning Establish an enabling culture and environment;
To improve student access and success Evaluate the state of transformation and social justice in all business unit
To build an institutional curriculum of excellence Build and maintain strong business relationship with key internal and external stakeholders.
To enhance research output, innovation and commercialization Safeguard access for success of students.
Ensure compliance of all institutional policies with legislation on transformation and social justice.
Ensure the availability of divisional transformational plans.
Ensure the availability of institutional transformation barometer.
Oversee transformation in teaching research and community engagement.
Provide strategic and operational guidance on transformation and social justice.
Enhance the relations between the sites of delivery and the main campus on transformation and social justice issues.
Develop shared understanding of transformation and social justice through the implementation of a transformation charter.
Monitor, evaluate and report on Social Justice and Transformation.

VUT Strategic Success Factors

To create an enabling environment for effective strategic management
To achieve adequate levels of funding to sustain and grow the university
To improve the corporate image of the university
To ensure effective management of Human Resources
To improve institutional effectiveness
Institutional Transformation